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      A Transforming Telemedicine Solution

      Telemedicine should save employers money...period. Savings are only incurred through utilization: the more employees use a telemedicine versus receiving in-person care, the more employers save. Utilization, then, is the foundation for generating savings for employers.  

      Telemedicine companies should guarantee a money-saving benefit for self-funded employers. Telemedicine provides widespread convenience and savings for employees in need of non-emergency healthcare. Savings only occur, though, if employees use the telemedicine benefit. This only occurs if utilization is high - ours is many times the industry average. 

      Request a Customized Savings Report for Your Client

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      First Stop health's savings guarantee

      We guarantee that savings from avoided in-person physician, urgent care, and
      ER visits will exceed total fees paid by a minimum of 25 percent of your costs, or we refund the difference. In short, we contractually guarantee our service will save your clients money.

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      Client Service is the Key to Success

      First Stop Health WANTS employees to use and benefit from telemedicine

      • Customized, year-long engagement campaigns
      • Engagement activities executed by First Stop Health with HR direction and approval to maximize utilization and savings
      • Quarterly and annual reports measure "hard dollar" savings generated against goals
      • Easy onboarding and population maintenance through automated tools and client portal

      Download the Buyer's Guide to Telemedicine Services

      Brokers should EXPECT high utilization from telemedicine companies

      For employers, healthcare is the second biggest check written every month and costs are only going up. Telemedicine, if utilized appropriately, can drive significant savings for both employers and employees in avoided healthcare claims costs.

      Costs are only avoided (and savings realized) if employees actually use the telemedicine benefit. Learn how First Stop Health provides the onlyvalue-based telemedicine offering in the industry.

      Download our eBook Value-Based Telemedicine


      From our Clients

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        Rolling out this new telemedicine benefit to our employees was seamless. From developing co-branded marketing pieces with us, to walking us through file transfer step-by-step, First Stop Health ushered us through the onboarding process with expertise and enthusiasm.” 
        -Lindsay, HR Associate

        “Our client is very happy with their decision to move forward with First Stop Health.  The service has been well received by their employees and the utilization is already exceeding expectations.”
        -Martin, Benefits Consultant