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      Our goal is to transform how you and your employees experience healthcare. 

      Telemedicine benefits turn the inconvenient and expensive task of visiting a physician when you are sick or need healthcare into a fast, affordable and delightful experience. Our best-in-class service and engagement drives the industry's highest utilization rates (6x higher).

      Employers should only consider telemedicine companies that deliver high utilization. Utilization drives savings in time and money from avoided visits to emergency rooms, urgent care centers and doctors offices and ensures that an investment in telemedicine drives value for both the employer and employee.    

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      zero-cost Telemedicine Benefits

      First Stop Health guarantees that savings from avoided in-person physician, urgent care, or
      emergency room visits will exceed total fees paid.

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      First Stop Health's Customized Engagement Campaigns Ensure Your Telemedicine Benefit Combats High Deductibles and Increasing Premiums

      Many employers have nothing but bad news for their employees about increasing healthcare premiums and deductible costs.

      • Telemedicine from First Stop Health is good news. We provide employees with a high-quality, no cost way to access healthcare. 
      • First Stop Health's U.S.-based, licensed physicians are ready to speak to patients within minutes, at anytime from anywhere, to diagnose and treat their non-emergency health issues, or simply to provide advice about any health related problem. 
      • First Stop Health executes customized, client-approved engagement campaigns that ensures all employees and their families know how and when to use their telemedicine benefit.

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      Highly Utilized Telemedicine Benefits Without the Work

      Beginning with swift and stress-free onboarding, our goal is to make our clients’ lives easier. Instead of putting the onus of communicating the telemedicine benefits entirely on the HR staff, First Stop Health drives the engagement. We generate telemedicine utilization 6x the industry average through expertly tailored and co-branded communications campaigns that include email, snail mail, flyers, and more.

      By removing the burden of ensuring the benefit is used from our clients’ to do lists, we create long-lasting partnerships with employers.


      From our Members

      • telemedicine-benefits-blank
        I have had 2 experiences thus far using First Stop Health. One I was out of state, was able to get a doctor on the phone quickly, my medicine prescribed and enjoy my vacation. The second was at home, with no transportation, talked to friendly intake caller, and the doctor called me in a very fast manner. Was able to get the medication I needed quickly. I would recommend First Stop Health to everyone, as it saves time, is user friendly and keeps life going without big interruptions. I am VERY impressed!!” 
        -- Mandy
        "I was blown away with the overall experience. The best part was that it took no longer than 10 minutes! Going to the doctor’s office would have taken well over twice hours plus the time away from work and the drive both ways. I will most definitely use it again!"" 
        -- Kris
      • telemedicine-benefits-icon
        I was blown away with the overall experience. My call was answered promptly and the person that helped me was very friendly and helpful. She took all of my information and said a doctor would call me within an hour. It was minutes later that I received a call from him and he was also very friendly and helpful! Minutes after that, I received a call from someone that called me to say that the prescription had been called into the pharmacy!! Excellent customer service all the way around! The best part was that all of that took no longer than 10 minutes! If I had to go to the doctor’s office it would have taken well over 2 hours plus the time away from work and the drive to the doctor and back to work.Thanks for offering this service – I will most definitely use it again!
        -- Kris