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      Transforming your healthcare experience

      I was blown away with the overall experience. The best part was that it took no longer than 10 minutes! Going to the doctor’s office would have taken well over 2 hours plus the time away from work and the drive both ways. I will most definitely use it again!


      I tore my Achilles tendon while practicing gymnastics. So I really needed a surgeon who specialized in young athletes. I also didn’t want to overpay for the operation. Through FSH’s Care Navigation service, I found a surgeon experienced in this procedure. She had me participating on the team in 6 months.  And FSH saved me $7,000 on operating room fees.


      I was sick while preparing to leave on vacation. I called First Stop Health and within 20 minutes my entire process was complete. The doctor spent a respectable amount of time on the diagnosis and prescription. A very efficient experience that led to a great vacation.


       When Our Members Rely On First Stop Health


      When you are sick, your symptoms are getting worse, and you need treatment

      Nationwide shortages of primary care doctors are getting worse. You need medical care and you call the office of your doctor. Unfortunately, it's common that the doctor's earliest open appointment is two weeks away, or longer.  Urgent care is available, but a visit will require a large out-of-pocket fee and require at least two hours away from work.  As a First Stop Health member, you can speak to a doctor (typically at no cost), and receive treatment in 10 minutes.


      When traveling and you realize medication was left at home

      It may be dangerous for you to go without needed medication. You may be able to call your doctor's office, if  the doctor can legally and quickly approve a transfer of the prescription to a pharmacy in a different state. Or with a quick telemedicine call, a First Stop Health Doctor licensed in the State you are visiting will issue a refill at a nearby pharmacy at any time, any day of the year (24 X 7 X 365).  A potentially dangerous health problem is conveniently eliminated.


      When your child becomes sick in the evening or on a weekend

      Urgent care centers are one option, but in this case, they are closed until morning. As a worried parent, you wonder whether to visit a hospital Emergency Room (ER); however this possibly unnecessary cost could be $1,000 (or more) and involve a 4 hour wait. You call First Stop Health, and within minutes, one of our high-quality physicians will tell you if an ER trip is necessary, or if there is another treatment option. You avoid any unnecessary large expense, high stress, and a sleepless night.

      Telemedicine Companies Should Create Savings

      doughnut July7.jpg

      "Real Impact, Real Savings"

      Industry-Leading 56% Utilization

      Last year, First Stop Health's average utilization of 56%, across our total subscriber base, was many times the industry average.

      First Stop Health is the only telemedicine provider that contractually guarantees employees will use our telemedicine service at a rate that will generate a positive ROI from avoided health care costs

      A 1,000-employee company can expect to save over $112,500 per year in healthcare costs by avoiding over 475 in-person physician visits to urgent care centers, ERs and primary care doctors annually. Clients realized an average savings of $216 per member visit with a First Stop Health physician.

      Listen to a Real Telemedicine Call

      Here's an example of just how quickly employees using our telemedicine service are able to speak to a U.S.-based, licensed physician and get their issue resolved.

      We are the "First Stop" for members with any non-emergency medical issue or question. Our physicians diagnose and treat patients at anytime from anywhere.

      Learn more


      Our Contractual Refund Guarantee

      For self-insured companies, we contractually guarantee that our telemedicine benefit will save you money. We are the only telemedicine provider that guarantees your savings will, at a minimum, exceed the cost of our service by 25%.

      We are confident that your employees will love to use our service. So if we don't reduce the healthcare expenses of our clients and provide 125% ROI, we will refund the difference. It's as simple as that.


      Learn more

      Understanding Telemedicine Services For Employers


      This Year, 86% of larger employers offer telemedicine.

      You may vaguely have heard about telemedicine, or you may be following this new way for people to access doctors closely. Possibly, you are an employer who has already implemented it.

      Regardless of where you are at on the experience curve, this free guide will provide you with the following:

      • Top Reasons to Provide a Telemedicine Benefit to Employees

      • Five Key Criteria for Buying a Telemedicine Solution

      • Tips to Secure Internal Buy-In

      • Checklist for Choosing the Right Solution

      Download the Free Ebook

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